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  Welcome to Sören Åhker's website.

Sören grew up in Tobo in northern Uppland, in the center of the "nyckelharpa kingdom." Now he lives in Ilsbo in northern Hälsingland. He has always been interested in music and in making things with his hands.
The inspiration to begin playing can be attributed to his maternal grandfather who played both harmonica and nyckelharpa. Sören's great grandfather built ten nyckelharpas and his grandfather built one, so building nyckelharpas is in his blood.

Sören is among today's best nyckelharpa builders. He has built roughly one hundred instruments which are dispersed all over the world.
In 2002 he presided over the first nyckelharpa building course ever held in the USA, with a follow-up course in 2005.

He has been at it full time since 1999, with a focus on building and selling nyckelharpas.
He also sells other instruments and accessories. It should be mentioned that he also sells high quality wood for instrument building.

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